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As I do everyday after classes I head down to the dining hall to have a meal and to read the newspaper. The two papers we get are USA Today and Kansas City Star, upon reading the Kansas City Star because normally that is the one I get through the fastest since it mostly deals with local news; I noticed a small paragraph from journalist Richard Koehler (who personally love his work). He had a small snippet on the protest in DC as follows:

Protest in D.C: Thousands of protesters linked hands around the White house Sunday to oppose a plan for a transnational oil pipeline. One of the protest organizers described the scene as either “a big O-shaped hug” or “a symbolic house arrest.” President Barack Obama missed most of the protest while he played golf Sunday afternoon.

With a country that is currently in devastating conditions with world wide protests going on daily including one outside his current house of residence…he’s out playing bloody golf???? I understand it’s stressful times we have the 2012 elections in a year where Obama is running to be re-elected then I should hope he get’s off his ass, puts down his golf club and does his job.

I went to his talks, he was my first election after I turned 18 and I stupidly believed him. Then again my only other choice at the time was McCain and Palian. I hated bush and even though I couldn’t vote I could damn well protest and I did. I thought Obama would actually do his job but I was wrong. Granted Bush has fucked up the government in so many ways that it will probably take years upon years to fix. Given the fact that Congress is as worthless as tits on a bore-hog Obama is not getting anywhere. Now is the time to show you are an American, kick ass, and take names later.

We have the OWS protest, the Pipeline Protest, and now many protest that have spread across America not only in the streets but also online. The people are pissed off and you are playing golf, Mr. President. Fuck the damn sports, we can have sports after you fix this country. If not get the hell out of the way and let someone else with balls do it.

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